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GOD never RETIRES !!!

Sachin Retires from Cricket and Cricket Retires from Many People…

Living Legend inspired not only thousands of sports personalities around the world but every person on planet born with talent and determination to excel…

Dont know about authorities who would honour the title SIR  by awarding it to him…

But he already has earned a title which can be honoured to hardly any person of any field or fraternity towards its fraternity… “GOD”

God never retires…
He inspires and would always do as a Human Being, as a Disciplinary.

Someone asked him for his reaction to the people criticising him for not retiring post 2011 world cup win when he was at his peak to which master replied  “I FEEL THOSE WHO SAY  YOU SHOULD RETIRE AT  THE TOP ARE SELFISH BECAUSE WHEN YOU ARE AT THE TOP YOU SHOULD SERVE THE COUNTRY  INSTEAD OF RETIRING” words of a true patriot.

3 Cheers for the Big Man !!
Hip Hip Hurray
Hip Hip Hurray
Hip Hip Hurray



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