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Luck vs. Effort

Luck vs Effort:
काकतालीयवत्प्राप्तं दृष्ट्वाऽपि  निधिमग्रतः|न स्वयम् दैवमादत्ते पुरुषार्थमपेक्षते ||

Even if you have sheer luck which could get you billions of money bags in front of you, it takes your effort to pick it up. God doesn’t put it directly in your hands.
To explain this , let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, there was man who of 40 years was devotee of Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth). He used to do work as a servant in a shop. His biggest desire is to become rich. He used to worship Lakshmi every day with so much devotion, and ask her every day to give him billions of rupees and make him rich. But his life didn’t change.
One day, he got frustrated by his poverty, went to his praying place in his house, and started talking with goddess using abusing words.
“Why don’t you look at me? You are the mother to this whole universe. You are very kind of all gods. Why don’t you show some mercy on me? Aren’t I deserve to get rich? You are seeing everyday the struggle I am facing to get my stomach fulfilled. I can’t take it anymore. You are making nasty persons rich who do not deserve a single penny. But you are not looking at me. Why? Why are you not listening to my prayers..
That man cried cried and cried the whole night, and slept out of tiredness.
Goddess Lakshmi saw his predicament, and felt helping him. Next morning, she wanted to give this man money bags and get richer.
The next day, this man is walking towards his shop. A man, who robbed a bank, running to escape with lots of money. Out of hurry, some money bags fell out of his sack in the poor man’s way.
While the poor man about to cross these bags,  found a rich man crossing him wearing costly dress. This man,  started thinking, “when will I be in that position? When will I be that rich? When will I be surrounded by people and become famous?”

While thinking, missed these money bags. Goddess lakshmi laughed gently.
1. Nothing comes in life unless we make effort. Even some events happen in our life out of luck, it will surely take our effort to grab it and make it happen.

2. God doesn’t give you boons just because you pray. You have to make effort, he will give result. Sitting in front of Lord Ganesh do not guarantee you marks in the exam if you do not study.

3. Karma is something which always wins. We do not realize sometimes some great opportunities crossing our lives until they gone. You will get what you had to. Face your life, but do not stop making effort.

An Answer by Sree Ramanath on Quora

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