Love Thyself!

“I Love You”

‘No you don’t. How can you? Look at me. I am a mess. I don’t work. No clear goal in life. I procrastinate. Need I say more?’

“Why are you always so hard on yourself? And please stop complaining every time?”

‘Why do you care?’

“I care because you are a hell of a guy. I love you. Don’t you remember you worked your ass off till last year. Now since you have taken a break no need to feel bad about it.”

‘But my friends and relatives do not understand that. I am sure they feel I have gone mad. Some have even given a hint that they think so.’

“Since when do you care? Everyone has their own speed. I am sure you will catch up. You are crawling now. Soon you will walk. I am sure you will run like anything soon before you even realise.”

‘I guess you are right. You are my best friend. Thank you for understanding. What would I do without you?’

“Well I have to. I love you. More than anyone. More than anything.”

‘And I love you too.’

***A conversation I had with mirror in front of me***

Skill to love your own self. Unconditionally
(An answer to “What is the Most Valuable Skill A Person Can Have in the Entire Life ?”

Via Quora : )


(Pic Courtesy: Unsplash)

#Cheers : )


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