BEWARE of your assumptions !

ASSUMPTIONS are at times dangerous things to make.

It’s all in our mind; we start thinking and add our assumptions and try to make sense out of things by cooking it up here first and in the end just screw up by just doing the nonsense thinking. Thinking is good when you are busy thinking creatively as in Planning Surprises or Thinking out of the box while trying to do something innovatively and so on.

Assumptions create a mental wall between “what you think”,  “what it is actually”/”what it could have been”. Thinking gets limited by the assumptions we’ve made or those that have been put in our mind as a belief; for instance like people were not so sure about the shape of the earth, is it a cylinder or a bowl of water with landscapes until recently someone named Galileo discovered and clarified that it is actually a spherical in shape like a ball. So the people before him had certain presumptions as to what shape the earth can be and thus their assumptions kept them away from the actual stuff.

Believing that there are actually no limits or assumptions, opens up your mind and it brings in more possiblities of a better solution to be obtained out of the larger set of possibilities now available.

Being humans generally a larger set scares us or I wont lie it does scare me at least; since it seems all so messy with so many possibilities we tend to filter the larger set and get possibilities narrowed down as per our filters (assumptions). But such assumptions should be sane enough to not let the end product or solution hamper from its required quality. So next time when you assume something; be careful.

Assumptions are in short double edged sword in your hand; and mostly you’ll be the victim of it and sometimes collateral damage to others.


#Cheers : )


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