Am I the seed with possibilities endless?
Am I the smile or Am I the happiness?

Am I the pause between notes of a song?
Am I the feeling of joy all along?

Am I the gap between the lyrics?
Am I the continuing background music?

Am I the gift? Am I the blessing?
Am I the sentence or Am I the meaning?

Am I the fruit or Am I the tree?
Am I the poet or Am I the poetry?

Am I the creativity? Am I the creation?
Am I the feeling? Am I the expression?

Am I the seer or Am I the seen?
Am I what will be or what has been?

Am I the messenger? Am I the message?
Am I the whole book or Am I the page?

Am I the player or Am I the game?
Am I different or Am I the same?

Am I the body, mind, intellect or soul?
Am I whole of the part or part of the whole?

I am the nothing in everything.
I am the nothing in which there is everything.

Words fail to express who I am.
The only answer is : I am. I am. I am.

– Pawan Sarda

#Cheers : )


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