Reality Check !

Life is like a house of 1000 mirrors. It shows our own reflection.

I once read the story of a house with 1000 mirrors. A dog went inside and barked on seeing 1000 dogs. The result was frightening as the dog almost sweat seeing 1000 dogs barking at him. He somehow came out and felt that it was a horrible place.

Whereas another dog went in that same house and smiled on seeing other 1000 dogs. So, he got 1000 smiles and felt that the place was just amazing.

Life is neither tough nor easy. It depends on your perception whether you find it tough or easy. Today your mood is good and you find life as easy while yesterday you were upset and felt life was tough.

When you believe life is tough, you are correct!
When you believe life is easy, you are correct!!

#Cheers : )


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