​The Importance of Solitude

Nobody! I repeat nobody in this whole world is going to stick around with you all the time.

Learn to live alone and enjoy your solitude. A person whoever it is your friend, best friend, girl/boy friend, teacher, mentor, wife even parents; today these people are there with you no wonder, but you don’t know about tomorrow or months later or years to come. More often than not they won’t be there.

Unless you can live on your own-self you’re making a mistake. The people you call your support system aren’t the support system you need. The support system that you feel is right there to help you someday might make you feel horrible about yourself when they’re absent or no more around.

The real support system lies within you.

And of course by learning to live in solitude i do not mean “no matter what”. When you have these wonderful people around enjoy every bit of it but be always ready to switch because of the uncertainties and the way things change these days. There’s nothing in life that’s guaranteed (except for the “change”).



2 thoughts on “​The Importance of Solitude

  1. I like the way you have put your thoughts across, making connections with all the worldly things we have around might not exist one day.

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